Nicole Kung, LMT is a graduate of Swedish Institute and a Taylor Technique Certified Instructor with over 350 hours of Myofascial release training with Carrie Taylor. She graduated Level I, Level II, and Level III of the Taylor Technique Myofascial Release Certification and has been practicing Myofascial release for almost a decade. Nicole was first introduced to clinical Myofascial release in her last semester at Swedish Institute. Upon graduating she began her private practice and was working with clients that had a plethora of medical issues, past injuries, accidents and musculoskeletal conditions. This was when she began her discovery period of searching for an effective massage technique that was more therapeutic and clinically based, and to move toward a comprehensive, medically-based practice that combined clinical approach with relaxation and healing therapies. In 2008 she began the Swedish Institute Certification in Myofascial Release with Carrie Taylor. This completely changed her practice, as she was able to achieve the results her clients were looking for. She fulfilled her new vision of soft tissue therapy and converted her entire practice. Nicole presently works directly under Carrie, and has been assisting Carrie in her workshops to train as an apprentice. Beginning this spring 2017, she will be teaching Level 1 classes privately in New York City.  Nicole is also a graduate of Baruch College with a degree in International Business and Marketing, and has also received her ACE certified personal training license to add to her myofascial work with stability, strength and movement training. 


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