All massages below are all performed with sheets, hydrotherapy when needed, and proper draping on client.



This historically acclaimed classic massage modality has been used for over a century to provide deep relaxation and a gentler approach to the body using essentials oils or creams. Using soft gliding strokes that release muscle soreness and fatigue from daily activity and use.  The health benefits include (but not limited to):  Helps facilitate better circulation, relaxation, increase blood and lymph flow, eliminate waste and toxins, stimulate the nervous system, and restores harmony to mind-body-and soul.

A full session of Swedish massage is not available, it is only added in on an "as needed" basis if it is needed to optimize the session and healing process.



Myofascial Release is a type of soft tissue therapy used to treat chronic pain, trigger points, scar tissue, improve postural imbalances, neuropathy’s, muscular and joint injuries, and many other disorders.  It is accomplished by using direct pressure, stretching of the tissue, and gradual strokes that align with the movement of fascia.  It has been utilized in clinical environments to structurally integrate soft tissue in muscle, fascia, and limited range of motion in joints. 


Myofascial Release Therapy is used to work directly on manipulating the fascia, which is the Connective Tissue (CT) of the body.  It is known in the medical world as the “saran wrap” that surrounds and protects all structures, organs, and systems in the body.  This “saran wrap” can stick to itself or to other structures surrounding it such as muscles, organs, bones, and even blood vessels and nerves.  Fascia is one network and is all one connected system.  The soft tissue can become restricted due to psychogenic disease, overuse, trauma, infectious agents, or inactivity, often resulting in pain, muscle tension, and corresponding diminished blood flow.   Because of its dynamic nature and abundance in the body, it plays a very important role in postural alignment and the state of well-being of your body.   It can stick or snag in nature to one location and cause pain or dysfunction in another area thru the kinetic chain of fascia in the body.  


The goal and treatment that of myofascial release performs is to use a blend of stretching to the tissue, trigger point work, targeted work, and direct pressure to target pain in the fascial matrix and train to alleviate pain and dysfunction.  The direct myofascial release (or deep tissue work) method engages the myofascial tissue “restrictive barrier” (tension).  The tissue is loaded with a constant force until a release occurs.  The practitioner uses palms, knuckles, and elbows, or other tools to slowly stretch the restricted fascia by stretching or elongating the fascia.    It is done without oil, and the pace is very slow to reach the deep layer of musculature tissue.     


Nicole has advanced training and is NYS certified to practice Myofascial Release.  Everyone can benefit from this treatment! Therapist recommended.



This massage treatment is very specific to relieve trigger point pressure and pain.  A myofascial trigger point is a hyperirritable “locus” which is a sensitive nodule within a taut band of muscle.  This has the characteristic to be sensitive upon pressure and compression but upon its release it will filter thru the blood stream and minimize pain.  A trigger point is that nagging pain that can prevent you from full mobility and function, sometimes even breathing.  This work can be very relaxing and beneficial for people with everyday pain from work or activity, such as sitting at a computer for many hours.