Nk Body Philosophy believes that an integrative approach to health and wellness is the most effective for an individual.  We offer a unique and clinical approach to your massage treatment and personal training sessions and a passion to help you in achieving your health goals.  This is more than being at a typical establishment and our philosophy is a clinical whole body approach to wellness.  The therapist has extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and more setting her a part from traditional spa or corporate gym settings.  She has years of experience working with injuries, medical issues, pain management, and chronic pain.  First is a detailed intake of medical history, then an in-depth observation of the patient’s posture, movement, and breathing patterns are all recorded to determine the best treatment to achieve your health goals and zero in on the dysfunction.  For post-treatment, the therapist deepens her involvement in your goals by providing you with suggested skills, exercises, stretches, ergonomics, self-care, and proper postural alignment to integrate in everyday life to optimize your body’s health and alignment.


In working with Nicole, you can expect:

-An organized exercise plan that is easy to follow and will achieve the results you are looking for

-A fun and enjoyable work out

-A trainer that works with the challenges, time constraints, and locations you may have

-An injury-free work out created by the trainer 

Massage Therapy

*Rates are subject to change depending on travel time. Limited Availability for travel service appointments, please book in advance.



60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes


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Accepted methods of payment are:
  • CashCredit Card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover)Check and PayPal

  • Additional $10.00 Service Fee will apply for Credit Card and Paypal payments

  • Please note that we do not accept health insurance at this time  

Flexibility Coaching

60 Minutes


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Personal Training

Weekly Sessions

1 - 60 Minutes Session


5 - 60 Minutes Sessions


10 - 60 Minutes Sessions


20 - 60 Minutes Sessions


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For Group Training rates please call Nicole at 917-306-1060 to set up a workout class for you and your group!