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Nicole is an amazing personal trainer and I am glad I found her.  Nicole has terrific intelligence about the body and what it can do. That combined with her support and encouragement has led me to trust myself physically in new ways after many years dealing with arthritis in my cervical spine. 

Confidential - Psychologist


"On August 15, I ran 1.5 miles in Riverside Park, New York in support of 6-year old Mason Ntuala who was 

raising funds for pancreatic cancer research in memory of his grandmother. On June 13, I did a one-minute plank. 

On June 12, I ran on the treadmill for 20 minutes. As of January of this year (2015), I had never run a race. I had never run on the treadmill. I had never done a plank. And I never thought I could do any of those things. I was extremely overweight and even further out of  shape.


What changed? Nicole Kung of NK Body Philosophy took me on as a personal training client.

Nicole combines a deep commitment to her clients with a strong knowledge base. She listens carefully and 

knows the right moment to teach, challenge, and affirm. She answers questions and explains clearly the 

reasons for movements and programs. When I started working with Nicole, I was at a low level of fitness. I had chronic pain in a number of places and a couple of stiff joints. I feared losing my balance.


Six months of work with Nicole has brought a transformation. The pain is gone; the stiff joints work smoothly. My strength has increased resulting in improved balance and energy. Coordination has improved dramatically; fear of falling has diminished. Friends note that I move differently, with more confidence, ease, and grace. With Nicole's help, I have come a long way. I have a long way to go, but I am sure I can make the changes I want - with Nicole's help."

Mark K


"Nicole was an exemplary student while attending the prestigious Swedish institute college of health sciences, NYC, where I have been an instructor since Jan 2001.  While at school, she demonstrated an amazing interest in helping others heal, and went above and beyond to learn what it takes to be a talented therapist.  She has also attended numerous post graduate continuing education workshops to further her knowledge base and expertise, particularly in Myofascial Release work, my specialty in the field.  Her devotion to becoming the best Massage therapist she can be is obvious in her work and attitude towards the field.  I'm proud to have worked with her and know she'll help a lot of people!" 

Carrie T - BSc, MS, RMT, LMT, CPT   


"Everyone has stress and everyone deals with their stress in different ways.  Me, I like to get massages.  Not any massage but a massage that will actually help relieve my stress and not cause me more pain afterwards.  Massages should never leave you in pain, massages should help you distress and also help your overall health.  Nicole Kung, LMT has been the only therapist that I have gone to that has not only relaxed me but made me feel 110% better the next day.  She creates lifelong customers out of everyone she massages. I know she did with me!"

Victoria L - HR Resources Officer/Senior HR Generalist 


"Nicole is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered.  I consistently suffer from neck pain due to 2 herniated discs.  Just 5 minutes with Nicole, and the tension and pain is greatly alleviated.  I go to her consistently for my massages.  She is by the far the best in New York and I recommend her to anyone looking for a personal, caring and skilled therapist. Nicole goes above and beyond the call of duty. Aside from her outstanding massages, she also has looked at my x-rays, doctor’s letters and physical therapy plans.  She has researched my exact problems and created a customized massage/stretching program.  I have been to many massage therapists in my life, but no one is as dedicated and personable as her. Her strength, combined with her knowledge of the muscles and body cannot be topped. I full heartily recommend Nicole Kung."

Amy A - Vice President of Fashion Sales and PR


"We went to the Swedish Institute together and she was known in school as having the “butter hands.”  You just melt after she works on you!  Her positive energy and passion shows in her work.  Everyone wanted to partner up with Nicole in school and she truly was the top of our class!  She is an amazing, caring, and knowledgeable massage therapist. I'm a massage therapist too and when I need a good session, I book with Nicole!" 

Mauricio B - NYS LMT, NJ CMT, RYT


"It is not mere knowledge of the body that makes Nicole so amazing, but that she also has a gift. Her talent has helped me to heal both physically and mentally. After the experience I have had with Nicole, I would not recommend anyone else but her."

Lauren S - Fashion Account Executive


"I've been getting massages from Nicole for 3 years now.  I work out with a trainer 2x/week and I have a very stressful job so a friend suggested I immediately visit Nicole for a massage.  She has a great awareness of the body and really understands how to promote healing within it. She always asks about my needs, and more importantly, she listens and addresses the problem areas. I always leave my sessions feeling relaxed, refreshed and looking forward to the next visit. Nicole works magic and is "hands" down the best massage therapist in NYC!"

Nikki O - Nutritionist


"Nicole is a insightful individual besides the gift of her healing hands. It has been a pleasure over the last two years, as adding her sessions into my routine has increased my quality of life."

Jessica H - Real Estate Broker


"I would highly recommend Nicole Kung for massage therapy. She has worked on me several times, and has relieved a lot of stress and tension from my neck and back area. If you want a caring professional that will put you in a state of pure relaxation for an hour, book your appointment NOW!!!"

Tomeka P - Makeup Artist


"The massage that I received from Nicole was the best I have ever had! I was experiencing pain throughout my body and when she gave me the massage, it was like a magical touch. She is a blessing and uses her gift to help people like me. I felt really good after she was done treating me. She is also one of the most professional people that I have ever seen. When I came back she remembered what my problem was and customized the therapy. I recommend her service to everyone.  She is wonderful!"

Edwin C - Electronics Manager


"Nicole Kung is one of the kindest most nurturing massage therapists anyone can experience.  She will take you on a spiritual journey physically and mentally to heal oneself."

Chandrika S - Yoga Instructor


"Nicole is the best massage therapist I have ever seen. Having major lower back and neck pains, Nicole knew what technique to use on me to make sure the pain would go away. She truly loves massage and that's what makes her better than anyone else!"

Emily K - Fashion Account Executive


“I would definitely recommend a massage from Nicole. Unlike most therapists, she took the time to ask questions to determine the cause of my back pain. She was very knowledgeable and also gave me post-massage suggestions to include in my daily schedule to help alleviate/prevent my back pain.”  

Marilyn L – Dental Administration


"I have been a tradesman for 20 years. I work hard, and live healthy. However, the years of physical demand and stress on my body have damaged it. Without Nicole's skill, knowledge and help I would be in constant pain. It is well worth the ten hour drive twice a year to have her evaluate and treat me. I feel great afterwards. Before I can leave she assigns me proper stretches to do every day, so I can keep feeling great. Alas, I'm not invincible, and I still need to work, so I will be seeing Nicole in the near future." 

Steve D - Tradesman/Construction


“Nicole is an absolute professional! She cares about her clients from assessing problem areas to figuring out the right way to approach and heal what is ailing the client. She always puts the client’s needs first! I love coming to see Nicole because you can feel how much she cares for whoever comes through her door! From the treatment, to the call next day to see how your feeling, I wouldn't go to anyone else!” 

Joseph Z - Construction/Dock Builder