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Wellness Charity Project

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Through a lifelong commitment to service, I’ve been involved with a wide range of nonprofits as an activist, volunteer, and donor. I’ve also gained management and leadership skills through my professional pursuits. These experiences have shown me that there are unlimited opportunities to learn and to make the world a better place.

In my wellness career, I’ve met so many wonderful and positive people! And through my personal journey I’ve been on both ends of the wellness continuum, which is why I am passionate about spreading knowledge about holistic practices. My vision is for more people to know about and access holistic treatments as a pathway to improving and maintaining good health. To turn this into a reality, in 2018 I created a nonprofit of my own, the Wellness Charity Project (WCP).

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Our Essence

The Wellness Charity Project (WCP) is a gathering of natural health professionals, clients, and others looking to explore the wonders of holistic healing. Bringing this community together provides an opportunity to learn about and strengthen ourselves through holistic practices while also learning about and improving the world through commitment and contribution.

WCP’s live, in-person events feature holistic health practitioners offering samples of their services free of charge. These functions also include food, beverages, live music, and of course…great company! 

Our Impact

Proceeds from past events have gone to worthy causes including “Elephant Nature Park” (a wildlife conservation organization) and <Name of donation recipient from the 2019 event.>

If you are a holistic health practitioner, patient, or just a positive person, please join us. Whether you attend our next event, donate, or volunteer, we can collaborate and find a way that you can help. It would be my honor to have you as a partner in physically, spiritually, and socially healing the world!

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