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NK Body Philosophy’s mission is to help you reach your highest potential in physicality, performance, and health so you can feel your best while you do your best. 

Our Values

Nicole Kung Body Philosophy’s services are based on three foundational principles. The “ABC’s” of NK Body Philosophy are:

Accessible: A treatment plan is only as good as someone’s ability to follow it on their own. Nicole demystifies the process and makes complex concepts clear. So as we improve your health together, you can maintain your gains!

Bio-individual: Every person’s treatment plan should reflect their uniqueness. NK Body Philosophy’s services are completely customized around your specific needs, goals, and restrictions.

Comprehensive: As total health requires total access to a range of wellness services, NK Body Philosophy is your “one-stop shop.”

Our Benefits

NK Body Philosophy has the expertise, tools, and service you need to take the best care of you! We offer:

Expert knowledge

We frequently see clients that misidentify their issues (with “Doctor Google”) or attempt to address them with general solutions that aren’t right for everyone. Beyond failing to heal, they may even unknowingly put themselves at risk for greater harm. With extensive knowledge and experience, NK Body Philosophy accurately pinpoints physical problems.

Complete treatment

Nicole Kung Body Philosophy provides five different approaches, offered together at an affordable price. We are prepared to develop a multifaceted plan that’s safe and effective for you.


With genuine care for your health, Nicole is a true partner in helping you understand and follow your personal path to wellness, so you can reach your goals.

Our Promise

Even if we want to be the best versions of ourselves, we often need a little help staying on track. That’s why NK Body Philosophy is here. No matter who you are, where you’ve come from, or what you want to achieve, we are ready to support you with whole body healing.

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