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About Nicole

In 2007, Nicole Kung started NK Body Philosophy as a massage therapy service. Quickly seeing that a spa massage wasn’t enough to provide long term solutions, she changed the practice’s focus to medically based massage treatments, including myofascial release.

Over the next few years, Nicole recognized that based on each individual client’s needs, massage was only part of the picture of complete healing. In response, Nicole became certified in personal training and stretch therapy as well as licensed to coach flexibility, strength, corrective exercise, and conditioning. NK Body Philosophy thus began its evolution to whole-body healing.

A year later, it became evident that clients’ dietary needs were part of the picture as well. So Nicole became a nutrition and health coach to help align all of the treatments. By also adding energy healing (reiki) , NK Body Philosophy became able to address the mind-body connection (including stress reduction) that is vital to attaining and maintaining complete health.


Our Evolution

Where it all started

Born and raised in Queens to parents from Hong Kong, I’ve lived in all of New York City’s boroughs and have been here almost my entire life. Involved with sports since I was old enough to put on my own jersey, I earned a college soccer scholarship.

Although in my first few working years I had been in graphic design, web development, catering, sales, marketing, administration and management roles, I spent most of them in fashion. This glamorous, high-profile industry felt like it was good for my resume, profile, and network. But it was actually not good for me…in the most important way. When I was 26 I almost died from a condition brought on by unhealthy choices, fueled by stress.


When I found my passion, purpose, and path

My healing journey taught me how important it is to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Adopting a healthy perspective. Overcoming stress. Investing in health. In those moments I realized why I was put on this Earth. After seeing how much knowledge, effort, and care went into giving me my life back, I knew that I wanted to help others live their best, healthiest lives. As soon as I got out of the hospital I applied to massage school.


Why I serve

The best part of what I do is watching my clients achieve healthier, happier lives; seeing their expressions of shock, amazement, and joy when they can once again move without pain, once again wear their favorite clothes that hadn’t fit in a while, and feel young and healthy all over. It’s amazing!

With a sense of responsibility for the world beyond myself, through the years I’ve filled service roles as an environmental advocate, gay rights activist, women’s right campaigner, Special Olympics volunteer, and (dearest to me) champion of animal rights. I’m also proud to donate to nonprofits I believe in, including Greenpeace, African Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, World Wildlife Foundation, Elephant Nature Park, and the Animal Defense League.

My work with wonderful cause-oriented organizations inspired me to start one of my own! So in 2018 I created the Wellness Charity Project.


Who I am


From experience, I’ve learned that we all deserve downtime.  In mine, I enjoy reading, writing poetry, and music. I love all animals and nature in all its forms. As a foodie, I enthusiastically cook and learn new recipes. I also travel whenever and wherever possible!

Underlying my work, service, and choices are a few key principles and attitudes: Believe in our capabilities. Accept differences without judgment. And treat everyone (including ourselves) the best we can; with compassion, kindness, respect, and love. But the most important key to my success is the realization that the most important responsibility we have to ourselves is…to be healthy. Even as a wellness professional dedicated to effective self-care, I also engage others for support. I believe in this, I live it, and most of all, offer the same opportunity wholeheartedly to anyone who comes to my practice.

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