Empowement.  Inspiration.   Motivation.


Nk Body’s personal training philosophy is based on either one-on-one or small group training.  Nicole’s fitness method is comprised of a unique combination of cardiovascular, strength, balance, functional movements, neuromuscular re-education, gait, postural, and resistance training.  Nicole creates a customized program for each client that combines these disciplines to meet the individual goal of the client.  This trainers approach to the body is unique; implementing monitored structured movements to improve the client’s overall well-being. 


All sessions begin with a detailed assessment and a discussion of your goals and challenges. Then we create a program designed around exercises you enjoy and can stay devoted too.  Learning exercises and how to correct your movement is only the first step, it’s about making that commitment to yourself to stay at it until you feel great and see results.  Making life changes like this can be a big step for some people. Nicole has countlessly aided in inspiring those challenged with this and helps you reconnect with your body on a deeper level.  The empowerment from the results working with Nicole can help you achieve the goals you have always been looking for to change your life completely!   


Training Services may include:

Cardiovascular and Heart Rate Training

Strength Training

Core Training        

Balance Training


HIIT (High Intensity Training)

Corrective Exercise

Functional Training

Postural Training

Weight Loss

Stretch Training

TRX Suspension Training


Breath work