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Myofascial Stretch & Therapeutic Treatment

The benefits: Living pain free!

Everyone wants to feel good in their body, which is an understatement to say pain-free! There are different levels of pain, ranging from uncomfortable tension to acute pain restricting you from everyday tasks. The root causes of this pain can include external stressors such as prolonged postures, workouts, or accidents and internal stressors like stress, unhealthy diet, or disease. Candice will rebalance your body and release tension using European Osteopathic techniques such as pin and drag, pressure points, and myofascial stretching. Her sessions focus on addressing the root causes of your "dis-ease" to relieve your pain for longer.

Candice's service


Craniosacral (CST)

Your scalp and face are full of powerful, thin muscles and fascias. Their tension limits cranial micro-mobility, which can lead to painful headaches.

Working on these muscles and those of the neck will improve this cranial micro-mobility, relieving headaches, dizziness, neck and shoulder problems, and many other body tensions.

Also, opening the junction between the skull and the first vertebrae will allow cerebrospinal fluid to flow freely into the lumbar spine. Depending on which nerves emerge from the spinal cord, this process can optimally restore the body's functions, including digestion, balance, and movement." 


This might be too far off from what she is trying to say, so please disregard anything that does not fit.

Recommended for:

Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, TMJ, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Concussions, Regional Pain Syndrome, Neuralgia, and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Gut Health & Digestive Therapy

Why is it important to take care of your gut?

A complex network of fascia and ligaments hold your organs in place, without which gravity would do its job and pull everything down!

Stress, physical activity, or poor nutrition can strain this complex network, especially around your gut and organs, negatively affecting performance. Examples include tensions in the rib cage, the spine, or the pelvis, which lessen physical mobility through blockages and reduced range of motion. Eventually, the rigidity can generate pain in various zones of the body.

In this session, I will relieve the tension in your major digestive organ zones, such as the liver, stomach, or colon using osteopathic techniques, including micro-stretching, pressure points, and breathwork.

All osteopathic sessions are clothed. Please wear relaxed and comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt, shorts, or leggings.

Recommended for:

Digestive Disorders, Organ Health, Abdominal and Muscular Pain, Indisgestion, Re-establish the Mind-Body Concentration, and Improved Bodily Function


Myofascial Stretch

Fascia is a soft connective tissue found throughout the body. It overlays our muscular system between the skin, muscle, organs, or vessels and acts like a spiderweb transmitting tension to structures in contact.


Myofascial Stretch uses a combination of pressure points and passive and active stretching to improve the glide of the fascia on the tissue or fluid surrounding it. The work leaves you with longer-lasting relaxation effects, improved circulation to the area, and better muscular function. Overall, you will experience released tensions and a rebalanced body.


This session is clothed. Please wear comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt, shorts, or leggings.

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