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Personal Training

Your Goal is Possible

Many find shaping their bodies to be a challenging pursuit. Some lack motivation. Others may not know how to begin. And those who are committed and ready often don’t take the journey in an effective way. But with NKBP personal training, you will be prepared to make your body strong and flexible…and keep it that way.

Based on your individual capabilities and desires, Nicole will select a set of mobility and exercises that are specifically suited for you.

You’ve seen so many fad diets and exercise gimmicks out there.  Over the long term, quick-fix programs and products don’t work!  But by following your expertly-designed NKBP plan, you will be able to achieve fat loss and muscle gain that is sustainable. 

Your Benefits Maintained

Self-directed exercise programs may leave you at a performance plateau where the same activities no longer deliver the same benefits, and it becomes tempting to “overdo it.” But your NKBP experience will continually evolve with your progress so you can overcome plateaus while reducing your chances for injury. 

Becoming the best you is not a once-a-week pursuit.  But Nicole provides you with everything you need for follow-up self-care so you can enjoy the long-term benefits of a strong and flexible body. 

With practical knowledge, proven success, and a passion for your well-being, Nicole is ready to support you in reaching goals for your body in a way that is healthy, effective, and fun

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Nicole Kung is showing a client how to do a kettlebell squat

One-on-One Strength Training (In-Person)

Nicole’s fitness method is comprised of a unique combination of strength, balance, functional movements, neuromuscular re-education, gait, postural, and resistance training.  Nicole creates a customized program for each client that combines these disciplines to meet the individual goal of the client.  Her approach to the body is unique; implementing monitored structured movements to improve the client’s overall well-being.

Nicole Kung offers virtual training

Monthly Remote Training Program (Virtual & Subscription based)

NK Body Philosophy offers individualized strength and conditioning programming delivered to you on an app. This program is completely catered to your goals, schedule, physical challenges, and equipment accessibility. Each week you will check in and have the support of your coach and as a member you will also have access to message your coach during your program. You can now work out and get into shape from the privacy of your own home or gym. This is a subscription based monthly program and it is risk-free and you can cancel anytime. 


Train and workout how you want with the NK Body’s app. NK Body’s online strength and conditioning programs caters to all levels of fitness from beginners who are new to strength training to more advanced athletes and powerlifters.  No matter where you’re starting, NKB’s will write you a program specifically for you. This total body strength training workouts are highly efficient to maximize aesthetics, body composition, strength, and athletic goals. Take your training to the next level and improve your physique!

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